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Past Education Grant Recipients


Stony Brook Elementary School, Cindy Fox and Justine Ryan, "Pollinator Project" and Eddy Elementary School, Carey Raino, "Sensory Garden"


Stony Brook School, Cindy Fox and Justine Ryan, "Storywalk" project for preschool and prekindergarten science programs.


Eddy Elementary School, Marsha Dugan and Rafe Torres, "Energy Carnival" project by 4th and 5th graders and Science teacher Patricia Marchant, the 3rd grade Bluebird Habitat Study.


Stony Brook Elementary School, Heather Holcomb-Jones, Kindergarden, 1st and 2nd grade science project. Eddy Elementary School, Catherine Stratico, Grade 5 science project.


Stony Brook Elementary School. Kathy Hannon, 1st grade plant life project. Eddy Elementary School, Debra Bergstrom, Grade 5 Science and Recycling Club. Eddy Elementary School. Catherine Stratico, Grade 5 science project


Eddy Elementary School. Catherine Stratico.  Fifth grade plant biology curriculum and recycling project.


Stony Brook Elementary School.  Joanne Borsari and Donna Freenelli. Memorial garden project.  Eddy Elementary School. Catherine Stratico, 3rd and 5th grade study of plant life and Garden and Recycling Club.


Eddy Elementary School.  Rebecca McVickar and Debra Bergstrom, Garden and Recycling Club.

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