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Beautification Award

Brewster Garden Club’s Beautification Award has been given annually for the last 20 years to a Brewster business or individual whose garden is in a location which can be viewed and appreciated by the general public.  The purpose of the award is to encourage residents and businesses to keep Brewster’s highways and byways flowering and beautiful for all to enjoy.  Winners are chosen by the Horticultural Education Committee.

2022 Winner:

Michael's Cottages

Gardening Class

Education Grant Awards

The Garden Club began giving Education grants to the town's Elementary schools in 2008. Winners are selected among the proposals received from teachers at the schools.  The funds support special programs related to nature, biology, the environment and gardening with an aim to foster student interest in the natural world around them. Grants of up to $500 can be requested. Winners are chosen by the Educations Grants and Scholarships Committee with approval by the Executive Board.

2020-2021 Winners:

Stony Brook Elementary School

“Planting and Caring for Plants”

Juliana Dowd, Jennifer Rogacz, Annie Gilbert, Lisa Delong, Jennifer Fellows

"Planting a Pollinator Garden"

Justine Ryan

Cape Cod Christian Academy

“Creating a Student Garden"

Dr. Tracy Waters 

Colorful Book Spines


In collaboration with the Brewster Conservation Trust, the Club awards one or more

scholarships each year to a Brewster graduate for the purpose of higher education in

the fields of landscape design, horticulture, conservation, environmental science,

marine or related sciences.

2023 Winners:

Joshi Boku

Plymouth State University 
Environmental Science

Ben Caldwell

Tulane University

Environmental Science

Sara Cornell Smith

University of Miami

Marine Biology

Frank Murphy

Cape Cod Community College

Environmental Science

Jillian Parrott

Mass Maritime Academy

Marine Engineering

Urban Gardening


In 2020, the Club awarded a Toolship to a Brewster graduate pursuing a career in landscaping, horticulture or conservation. Currently the Club makes a donation to a Cape Cod Tech foundation to support students pursuing such a career.

2020 Winner:

Michael Tuominen

Graduate of Cape Cod Technical High School, starting a landscaping career

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