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2020 Hydrangea Festival Recap

The Club welcomed 680 visitors to two gardens during the 2020 Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival.

Extensive gardens circled the private home of a watercolor artist and master gardener. Strolling by a wildflower and pollinator garden, a wide array of hydrangeas came into view. The backyard highlighted plants that love the sun and thrive in the Cape’s poor, sandy soil along, with a display of the owner’s art.

The visit to Halcyon Farm brought visitors behind the scenes of an organic farm and showed what is possible on small acreage. Halcyon is a fully operational market farm with an amazing array of vegetables and flowers, and a reminder of the value of small farms and locally grown food.  Visitors were able to tour the farm with the owner, hear about Halcyon’s operational approach, and buy the fresh, organic, artisan produce.

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