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Next Meeting:

October 4

"Gardening on Cape Cod in a Changing Climate" with Jack Ahern, Professor Emeritus of Landscape Architecture, UMASS Amherst

Image by Annie Spratt

Pollinator Tip of the Month

There are many varieties of monarda or bee balm (Monarda didyma) with striking flowers on a compact plant. With foliage 

and flowers that are sweetly aromatic, they are ideal at the garden's edge, along walkways or in an herb garden.

The flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and

the plants are rabbit, deer and mildew resistant.

Monarda red velvet.webp

Our Mission

The mission of the Club shall be to collaborate with other community organizations to:

  • Stimulate the love for, and knowledge of, gardening

  • Promote the protection of natural resources, including plants and wildlife, and foster respect for the ecology of our environment

  • Beautify the roadsides and other public places in Brewster.

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Joining the Brewster Garden Club is easy!

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