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.......for one of our monthly meetings or events.

Next Meeting:

September 4

The Brewster Bay Property - tour of the property and gardens

Workshops and Events:

September 25 - 27

Hudson Valley Getaway

More information on the Events page

Image by Annie Spratt

Pollinator Tip of the Month

Lanceleaf Coreopsis, often called tickseed, is native to North America. With many varieties and colors, it offers many advantages for our sandy Cape Cod soil. Flowers similar to daisies bloom from July to October, attracting bees, butterflies and birds. The plant is sun loving, drought resistant, and easy to grow from seed.  


Our Mission

The mission of the Club shall be to collaborate with other community organizations to:

  • Stimulate the love for, and knowledge of, gardening

  • Promote the protection of natural resources, including plants and wildlife, and foster respect for the ecology of our environment

  • Beautify the roadsides and other public places in Brewster.

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Joining the Brewster Garden Club is easy!

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